About Us

Our team is made up of contact center Operators and Technologist’s that got tired of the high costs of technology that never delivered what was promised, CX and quality programs never progressing and agents getting the short end of the experience; so they set out to build their own platform, now called Untangl. We did all the technology work, so you don’t have to…..

Today’s challenge

We know with the proper tools & technology, contact center employees can have a great experience , in turn, giving your customers the great experience they deserve.

The technology Solutions we have; will create a Total Experience Contact Center. Here your EX and CX will increase, you’ll deliver improved NPS, risk mitigation and cost savings.

We know traditionally Managers are focused on metrics.. Here at Untangl we help you focus on Cause and Effect within those metrics, What is happening and Why, so employees can correct actions and behaviors that are causing a poor experience. Your teams will manage and succeed with Knowledge!!

If you need any deployment support our team of Professional experts can help. With over 100 years of contact center and technology experience we know what to do…

We are here with proven solutions and business acumen, not promises that can’t be delivered.

Make Untangl part of your Total Experience today


Our promise


Increase profits


Improve customer and employee experiences


Reduce overall costs


Limit liabilities

Delivering on Our Promises


Reduced technology development time (3x Faster) for 4 concurrent projects


Reduce Manual QA by 40% By AI-Scoring ~1MM hours of interactions


Increased Credit Card take rate 25% by identifying and informing agent coaching


Reduced Critical Defects 93.5% in 90 days

Let us help your business succeed

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