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Simplifying Interactions with Innovative Products

At Untangl, our team works with a wide range of products that improve customer interaction experiences through all channels, in addition to offering our own innovative product suite. Combined with our data analytics services and extensive call center experience, we offer customized implementations to best meet your business needs.

Untangl products improve customer and employee experiences

Intelligent Agent Desktop

Intelligent Agent Desktopsm gives the customer service employees the tools they need to take care of callers’ requests and concerns quickly and efficiently. The integrated Artificial Intelligence (AI) detects and mitigates potential problems in their tracks and immediately deploys effective resolutions. Intelligent Agent Desktop can also help to route calls more appropriately, create records of each call for future analysis, and provide other essential tools that help your employees provide the best service for customers.

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MicropAIsm provides managers with detailed insights and organized call information in one convenient location. This includes call records and interaction totals, earnings, team calendars, and other useful information. Managers now have a simple method to offer incentives to agents for good performance, as well as identify problematic agent behavior that may require further investigation and action. This is all completed on the individual interaction level, making compensation more accurate, timely, and motivational.

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FocalPointsAIsm offers unique platforms for both employees and their managers. Leadership can receive a more in-depth look at how individual employees are performing, which employees took which calls, and detailed information about specific customer and employee interactions. The insights from FocalPointsAI give managers a clear understanding of how customer service interactions are being handled, leading to detailed understanding of individual employees.

For customer service employees, FocalPointsAI is a comprehensive platform that logs call data and information, enabling them to stay organized and improve service. Features include a computed connect score (which takes metrics from each interaction), habit hit rates, call sorting by referral type, and much more. Schedule a demonstration of FocalPointsAI today.

OperationalAIsm uses proprietary algorithms to identify employee and customer behaviors that make the largest impact. From assisting customers to making important decisions, OperationalAI is a product that puts your existing data to better use. It is designed to service everyone on your team, from the employees who interact with customers to the C-suite level. Enable your team in the most critical moments for your business, whether it involves assisting a customer, or making critical decisions that transform business models.

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IntentAIsm uses the power of advanced machine learning and conversational intelligence to improve automation, deliver support to your employees, and ensure better interactions. Whether you’re looking to improve the conversations between your brand’s automation and customers, or you want to provide a more streamlined support system for the individuals who move your business forward, IntentAI is a tool that can provide these solutions. Coupled with the customer experience (CX) expertise that Untangl provides, IntentAI is a unique product that can truly make your brand stand out with the world’s leading conversational intelligence systems.

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Third-party products

Our expertise can also help your teams effectively maneuver other widely used products and tools that utilize cloud technology, such as Amazon Connect and Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Teams and Azure, Twilio, and Google CCAI.

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