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Our services can help your business in different ways, depending on what you’re looking to accomplish or improve upon.
  • Customer journey
  • Employee engagement
  • Business intelligence
  • Operational adoption
  • Technology as a service
  • Workforce optimization and automation

Untangl delivers a wide range of services for common challenges

Customer Journey

Getting swamped with an abundance of calls may seem like a great problem to have, but in reality, it can be an issue without a streamlined process. This is exactly what happened with one financial institution that was experiencing increased call volume during a hiring freeze. We designed and sourced a conversational chatbot that seamlessly integrated with their various banking platforms. As a result, we were able to successfully migrate 20% of the call volume to the chatbot and reduce handle time by 15%. Increased employee availability and access to support also helped to improve the customer journey.

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Employee Engagement
Recently, one organization asked for our help because they had concerns about how supervisors were managing teams throughout various departments. They wanted more consistency, which was necessary as the business was quickly growing. We solved this dilemma by creating an audit package that was designed to offer consistent leadership across departments. As a result, employees reported increased job satisfaction and turnover rates declined.

Employee engagement is critical to success, contact us to learn more.

Business Intelligence
A non-profit organization approached us recently when they wanted to make better use of their operational data. Untangl modernized their data model, which included utilizing speech analytics, as well as third-party data sources. We also constructed business visualization and workflow analytics, all of which significantly improved their operations. The non-profit was able to decrease support costs by 15%, reduce operational defects by more than 7%, and increase active coordinator engagement times by 5%. In today’s environment, implementing business intelligence products and services is critical – ask us how.
Technology as a Service and Operational Adoption
When one organization approached us with a lack of contact center technology, we knew exactly how to help. Through the design of an Amazon Connect CCAS platform, we were able to provide enhanced call treatment, speech analytics, reporting, and custom IVR messaging. This not only provided better technology and tools for their agents, but the new system helped them to decrease technology spend by 12%.

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Workforce Optimization and Automation
A retailer was looking to centralize calls received from their numerous storefronts, which would enable them to automate the ordering process. For calls and orders that could not be automated, they wanted to funnel them to a single dedicated contact center. We created an effective cloud technology service, which in turn, significantly reduced order costs. Workforce automation can be a game-changer for you and your employees, schedule an appointment with us today.
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