Simplifying the tangled web of information and data

Untangl extracts the right information at the right time for memorable experiences

Improve customer and employee experience

Most businesses have similar goals: they want happy customers and satisfied team members, they want to drive as much revenue as possible, they want to improve business and employee engagement, and they want to do so as quickly and as efficiently as they can.

This is how we help

Untangl can help improve your employee experience thus positively impact your customer interactions.

From an employee standpoint, our technology ensures high-level perform, keeping them engaged and motivated to deliver their best

Customers receiving these best-in-class experiences stay longer and can have a higher lifetime value.

All this leads to a higher performing company, giving shareholders and executives the profitability and growth every company is striving for.


Reduce Liability


Increase Revenue


Decrease Cost

Insights from data

Technology is advancing and changing rapidly. At Untangl, we are at the leading edge of this evolving technology. We are experts when it comes to contact centers, including how they operate and the unique challenges they face. Because we understand the challenges and the need to standout in Customer Experience (CX) we have created a suite of products that are designed to eliminate these challenges and employ effective solutions.

If you’re looking for a single omnichannel platform for customer interactions, Intelligent Agent Desktop is the perfect choice for your business. For analyzing customer interactions with advanced speech analytics and Artificial Intelligence, FocalPointsAI can provide what you need. For data-driven transactional compensation management, look no further than micropAI.

To learn more about all our products, visit our products page.

Technology Partnerships

Ben Block

CEO-Agents Only

“Untangl’s platform powered by AWS and the Amazon Connect Eco system allows our organization to have independent contact center agents in three countries around the globe. The platform and data provided allows us to continually optimize performance and customer satisfaction”

Protecting your customers’ privacy

All our products include secure infrastructures that are designed to protect sensitive information. With frequent data breaches resulting in privacy concerns, this is of absolute importance and can help to provide customers with peace of mind. In fact, studies have revealed that only about one-third of customers believe companies are currently using their data responsibly.

Larger companies, in particular, can benefit tremendously from investing in a data relationship management team to create a successful data relationship. While many companies have already implemented strategies that effectively use their data, these techniques may not be adequate in the new data ecosystem.

Delivering results

Your success is our success, and we pride ourselves on the results we deliver. Some of the many ways we’ve helped companies include:


Improving employee experience and increasing retention for one organization through the creation of an operating manual and audit package


Reducing one company’s cost-per-order through the use of cloud technology


Cutting down on technology spend for an organization through the design of an Amazon Connect CCAS


Cutting down on a company’s labor costs, reducing their operational defects, and increasing the active engagement times of coordinators through the modernization of their data model, as well as the use of speech analytics and workflow analytics

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While many companies understand the technology applications that are currently on the market, most don’t understand the complexity of contact centers. We understand your challenges because we’ve been there ourselves. Our team combines decades of call center experience with the latest technology that is designed to improve your processes. We provide everything companies need to analyze customer service interactions, assess performance, and effectively train customer service employees: all in one place.

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