The Untangl mission is simple – create the best customer and employee experiences by making the complex simple.

At Untangl, we are on the forefront of building AI-based products and services that change the way companies structure customer experiences and contact centers.

We accomplish this by aligning human-machine interactions in ways that drastically improve customer journeys. Our tools evolve transactional data into meaningful context and prescriptive actions, empowering all levels of your business.

While some companies understand technology applications, most don’t understand the complexity of today’s customer experiences. Founded from a deep contact center and consulting expertise, we provide more actionable solutions than traditional consulting companies and more focused solutions than technology-based companies.

Untangl is actively building a team of curious people with adaptive mindsets that want to find purpose in helping companies deliver better customer experiences while providing unmatched employee environments.

At, Untangl, you will work alongside exceptional problem solvers in a transparent and future-focused culture. Our people are humble yet fanatical about the solutions they create and will intellectually challenge you each day.

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