Untangl FocalPoints

For Agents, FocalPointsAI is a comprehensive platform that analyzes interaction data, enabling them to stay organized and quickly improve their skills

Leadership can move the metrics that improve the health of the business by focusing employees and their managers on the skills directly correlated to business outcomes

Our proprietary Signal Scores are tuned against millions of interactions removing the noise from employee develop plans

FocalPoints Insights give Managers a clear understanding of how interactions are being handled by their teams, thus leading to a detailed understanding of employee successes for replication throughout the enterprise 

AI-Powered Agent Development


Increase Support Staff Value
  • Remove data wrangling and analytics tasks from people leaders
  • Increase the relevance of performance mgt conversations
  • Remove remote-workforce communication barriers
  • System-driven engagement is a front-line force multiplier
Decrease Outliers
  • Deeply understand individual (and group) performance strengths and opportunities
  • Demonstrates parity and objectivity across employee groups
  • Improve brand value by delivering consistent experiences
Big data analyzed for “audiences of one”
  • Give employees a balance of guidance Vs. choice when it comes to improving their skill sets
  • Managers gain a clear understanding of how consitently interactions are being handled
  • Demonstrates parity and objectivity across employee groups
Bridge the gap between agent behaviors and business outcomes
  • Know what actions are helping or hurting your operations
  • Forecast and project KPI goals with accuracy
Untangl Focal Points Employee Development

Untangl Focal Points Employee Development

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