Untangl EngageHQ Agent Desktop

EngageHQ compliments any Omni channel platform by Delivering a cohesive ecosystem of context, enabling your agents to deliver consistently excellent CX.

Pair with Untangl’s CcaaS (built on Google, Amazon, and Twilio cloud platforms) for lighting fast deployment times and consumption-based costs that produce Rapid ROIs

Deliver interactions where your employees want to work. Reduce friction and drive resolution by anticipating your customers’ need. ​

Improve CX by improving EX 


CSAT, NPS, and Interaction Ease
  • Advanced interaction control panel
  • Voice, SMS/MMS, Email, Task, Social Messaging, and WebChat Channels
  • AI-Powered, Employee-focused interaction guides
  • Contextual screen pops for real-time knowledge
  • Integrate with data captured in chatbot and automated interactions
  • 360-degree view of Customers’ brand journies
Reduce Costs
  • Consumption-based pricing
  • Seamless enrichment of interaction data for more meaningful business insights (without adding labor cost)
  • Optimized technology and workflow design based on decades of contact center experience 
  • AI models focus organizational effort to maximized impact
  • Vast automation opportunities that reduce human hours spent on trivial tasks
Mitigate Risk
  • Control data in the environment with our VDI and secure pad systems
  • Continuous authentication
  • Available in SOC2, PCI, and HIPAA compliant deployments
  • Real-Time and predictive Alerting of risks when integrated with Untangl Analytics
Improve Employee Retention by
  • Real-Time feedback
  • Relating coaching commitments to interactions
  • Efficient employee feedback capture

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